Ingredients To Watch Out For

There are a lot of chemicals being used in supposed natural skin care products, that are not really good for you. They are considered natural since they are derived from natural ingredients, but they are not really natural. They have some harmful side effects that have been clinically researched and proven. One ingredient that is found in many "supposed" natural skin care products is Sodium Borate. It is believed to lead to cancer, lead to developing reproductive toxicity, and organ system toxicity. A safe recommended substitute for this would be Behenyl Alcohol which pretty much does the same job. Also I would recommend using Palm Stearic Acid, Tamanu Seed oil, or Behenyl Stearic Acid instead of Stearic Acid. Over exposure to Stearic Acid may lead to cancer, and causes extreme irritation to the skin. Lastly I would suggest Vegetable Cetyl Alcohol as a substitute to Cetyl Alcohol. Cetyl alcohol in significant doses can also lead to extreme irritation of the skin.


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