Tree Climbing Goats Love Moroccan Beauty Secret

I saw the most interesting picture, and I had to share it with everybody. Apparently these tree climbing goat in Morocco, love to feast on what is known as the argan fruit. This fruit is used to make one of the rarest and most useful oils known as Argan oil. This amazing organic oil has been used for centuries by the Berber women of Morocco for its amazing anti-aging, skin healing, and therapeutic properties. These goats consider Argan oil to be a delicacy, and everytime they get a chance to feast on it, they will. The Argan tree is reputed to take back some twenty-five million years. It used to be considered a rare treasure by European traders, and they would take it back to their wives as gifts. Argan oil, started taking off in Europe several years ago, when women in the modeling industry started using it for its amazing cosmetic properties. It is actually now starting to become well-known in the US as well. I had a chance to use some when I was in Israel and Morocco, and it really does do wonders for the skin. I would recommend purchasing the deodorized Argan oil, since the natural strong "nutty" odor of the Argan oil is found to be to over-bearing for skincare use.


  1. Hi, Thanks for the great article. At first I wasn't sure if the photo was real. It's amazing what God's creatures can do. As for the Argan Oil - is it available in the US? If so where? I just love the traditions of other cultures and often wonder how they find these exotic plants with all their unique properties. Take care my friend and happy traveling! Wendy