The Berber People

The Berber people of Morocco are an interesting ethnic group indeed. They are a combination of all three of the major religions Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Despite all these different religions, they have managed to live in peace for hundreds of years. My grandfather was Berber, and I remember going back to his tribal village to witness some of their spiritual rituals. It was very interesting indeed. Unfortunately, the Berber language is not officially recognized in Morocco, despite the large population of Moroccans who have Berber blood.
They have always been viewed as outsiders for their different ritual practices; in Morocco and Israel as well. Lately, they have been assimilating themselves into modern society in both countries. It's kind of hard to tell if anybody has pure Berber blood anymore . The Berbers in Morocco have been mixing with the Arabs for hundreds of years, and the Berbers in Israel have been mixing with the local population there as well. This once great culture, may eventually just be another page in history.