The Truth

Some of these cosmetic companies claim to have the top of the line skincare products, but a majority of the time they are selling you a bunch of falsehoods. They'll say their skincare will get rid of wrinkles in three to four weeks. They'll tell you their skincare products will turn back the age clock by ten to twenty years. They'll tell you their beauty products will make you feel eighteen again. They'll tell you that their best products have been clinically tested and proven. Lies, lies, and more lies!
Let' s be honest with ourselves. A lot of these skincare companies that are making these claims, are selling you supposed beauty products with "toxic" chemicals in them . You might see some results within a couple weeks; at best your lines and wrinkles might be smoothed out. In the long run though by using some of these companies supposed" beauty products"you're doing more harm than good. In the long run, their products will end up drying out your skin, and make your skin more chemically dependent on them.
The good cosmetic companies will tell you the facts. They won't tell you, what miracles you might want to hear, by using their products, but instead what their products are really going to do for you. The best beauty products I have seen, that actually do what they are going to say, are natural skincare lines.